Among several benefits, AAIMLON member will have

1) Professional Recognition:

AAIMLON will enable her members to maintain high level of professional competence through training, upgrading acquired skills and knowledge, and maximize each members potential for the 21st century practical knowledge. The certificate (for all members) and plaque (for fellow upgrade) exhibits the members’ achievement in the world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications. Members are set apart from their colleagues through career development and advancement with knowledge derived from the association’s workshop, seminar, conference, and other events. Participation in the association events, collaborations and affiliate programs will showcase the member’s skills leading to visibility in the area of AI and ML.

2) Networking & Collaboration Opportunities:

Through peer-to-peer networking, members will have access to a wealth of information, experience and expertise in AI, ML and related fields. All the association events will enable member network, share knowledge, discuss challenges and derive solutions. Members will have business opportunities from government, organizations and international community. The AAIMLON annual newsletter containing the events and subsequent upcoming programs planned quarterly will make the association and members visible to the world of advanced knowledge in emerging trends in AI, ML and related areas.

3) Professionally Current:

Members are on the latest technological innovations with AAIMLON publications and products. AAIMLON has strong collaborations with the world’s leading resource pool for technological innovation and professional networking.

4) Rich Professional Network:

Members become exposed to various talented people in different AI and ML fields different from yours, meet people, organize events, publish papers, and gain both knowledge and recognition.

5) Developing Team Skills, Leadership & Self-confidence:

Through our events, workshops, symposiums, conferences etc, management skills will automatically be developed.

6) Technical Supports and Information Exchange:

Members interact with leaders in AI specializations. As a member, you can attend any of AAIMLON technical conferences and meetings at discounted rates.

7)Enhanced CV:

Being an AAIMLON Member can turn your recruitment potential into employment.

8)Training on Grants and AI Call for proposals:

Members are trained on how to obtain grants and successfully execute projects.

9)Continuing Professional Development:

The Association’s learning activities will engage the professionals to develop and enhance their abilities.

When you become a member of AAIMLON, you join a community of experts and professionals (STEM and Non-STEM) united by a common interests to learn continuously, interact, collaborate, and innovate. AAIMLON membership provides you with the resources and opportunities needed to keep on top of changes in technology; get involved in standards development; network with other professionals within a specific technical interest; mentor the next generation of engineers and technologists, and so much more. There is no better time to to become a member and discover all that AAIMLON membership has to offer.