AAIMLON is a non-profit organization comprising of technical professional experts dedicated to advancing artificial intelligence (AI)  and machine learning (ML) technologies for the benefit of humanity. 
In the next years, AI will transform the way in which we work and operate. The role of AI in improving decision-making and forecasting in business, amongst many other advantages, is rapidly expanding and gaining more attention in both the academic sector and the industry.
For many businesses and audiences, professionals, and policymakers, the importance of artificial intelligence and machine learning remains vital. The motivations towards adopting AI and ML paradigms in analytics are still vague to many. In this perspective, AAIMLON has come to create an impact that will motivate a transformational potential for enhancing research and development and business analytics.
We seek to support and invest in AI research, to steer institutions, companies, government, and talented individuals to the best path forward in adopting these technological breakthroughs. Our goal is to partner with the government, Research Institutions, Funders, Companies of all sizes, across industries, to drive innovation strategy and provide practical guidance and advice, corporate training, awards, grants, and talent recruitment services. We will work with the best talents to ensure the true potential of AI is unlocked by building internal and external capabilities.
AAIMLON will collaborate with the government, academic institutions, and businesses to provide enlightenment and support in areas that will shape the future.

Our Mission

AAIMLON's core purpose is to drive AI/ML innovations and excellence for the benefit of humanity.

- Our mission is to make AI and ML the primary drivers of sustainable growth for humanity through great research, advisory services, education, and capacity building. 

We aim to be one of the centers of AI excellence as part of the Nigeria AI Strategy. We are a non-profit organization that will support world-leading research in artificial intelligence and machine learning and translate scientific advancement into industry adoption. We will grow AI capacity through advancing leading-edge research, delivering exceptional educational offerings, and providing business advice to achieve the goal of building in-house AI capabilities.

Our Vision

AAIMLON will support the global technical community and professionals everywhere, and be generally identified for the contributions of AI and ML technologies in improving the SDGs.


• Promote disruptive innovation through wide collaboration and knowledge sharing
• Elevate public awareness of AI and ML applications in STEM fields.
• Serve as a reliable source of research and learning across the board.
• Support massive windows for professional and career development.
• Stimulate stakeholders engagements by creating platforms for foundational. , advanced knowledge as well as driving technical interests, robust public policy, and widen knowledge for the advancement of humanity.

Our Values - (COPESC)

collegiality: work independently and collectively for the team
passionate curiosity: seek deeper understanding and celebrate discovery 
enabling impact: act with the intention that creates positive change
scientific excellence: Advance the world's knowledge with diligence and rigor
conscientiousness: Address hard questions to do the right

Board of Trustees

  1.  Maj-Gen. Olasehinde Ishola Williams - Initiator and Co-founder   
  2.  Dr. Solomon Ehigiator Arase - Rtd Inspector General of Police
  3. Mr. Olusegun Joseph Toriola  
  4. Prof. Abiodun Musa Aibinu  
  5. Ms. Gloria Ese Olotu
  6. Prof. Francisca Nonyelum Ogwueleka
  7. Dr. Festus Olusanya Ogunmola - Co-founder  
  8. Barr. Kauna Manko Penzin     
  9. Yerima Abdullahi Muhammed 
  10. Ahmad Balele Mamman
  11. Arinola Bello