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Dr. Festus Ogunmola:


Dr Festus Ogunmola is a Chartered Accountant and IT Disaster Recovery Specialist. He was headhunted as a Financial Consultant for her Majesty The Queen Mother of England at the Queen Nursing Institute/Queen Nursing Fund where he implemented successful financial and IT controls. In Barclays Bank, he worked in several capacities and on projects involving implementation of SAP financial system, Barclays Acquisition of Woolwhich Bank, and a joint role with PriceWaterCoopers (PWC) to implement Sarbanes Oxley and IT controls across the bank. Amongst his major achievement at Barclays Bank, is the review and reconciliation of IT systems and accounting record that led to the recovery of 14.6million pounds. In recognition of this recovery, he was sponsored for an MBA in Finance at the University of Manchester Business School where he researched on the impact of internet banking on Barclays. Festus has also been headhunted as a Principal Consultant to train senior executives and implemented IT COBIT standards, operational risk management, and compliance process across Europe, Middle East, and Africa for different multinational companies. These include Cummins Inc (One of the biggest American Multinational Companies), Royal Bank of Scotland, Sprit Inc (an Aeroplane manufacturing Company in Glasgow Prestwick) FMC Technologies, and Lloyds Bank of Scotland.
He is a board director of Xcel Digital Bank in United Kingdom and a resource consultant for University of Edinburgh Business School on risk management for African financial institutions.
Festus has previously worked in Nigeria as a Senior Auditor in International Merchant Bank and as the Chief Inspector of Peoples Bank now Bank of Agriculture.   
Festus runs a philanthropic organisation “Greatway Foundation” which is partnering with the Scottish Government and institutions to work on youth empowerment and poverty alleviation. He is also the founder and sponsor of Greatway Youth Football Academy Lagos that is empowering and raising talented youth footballers from the deprived communities. He is the President and Chief Executive of Scottish Council of African Churches (An established executive body that works in partnership with the Scottish government, different religious organisation, agencies, and institutions of learning across the world). He has co-authored two publications namely – (Championing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Within the Scottish Heritage Sector) and – (The Ethnic Minority Career, Museum & Built Environment Heritage Programme - Interim Good Practice Guide). The books address the marginalisation and poverty trap among the black ethnic communities and has been endorsed by the United Nations for Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the Scottish Government.
He has initiated and developed in partnership with Comic Relief and Scottish Government a mental health application that is assisting the Scottish and African Community in Scotland.
Festus holds a PhD in Finance from California State University, MBCI from the Business Continuity Institute United Kingdom. He is a fellow of African Centre for Policy and Research Glasgow and a member of Harvard School of Divinity summer leadership program. Festus is a pastor and plays table tennis for a premier division in Scotland.